Who we are

We are India’s premiere technology-led specialized technical & academic services organization. We associate with various Indian Technical institutions, Colleges and Universities to help them provide premium Industry Ready Training courses for their students.

Our managed technical platform provides all the components that the Technical institutions, Colleges and Universities may need to train their students how to perform in a industry, how to engage and communicate in the industry scenario, student servicing and the expertise to manage the platform in today’s industry life..


To introduce for the technical / engineering students with different functional areas of today’s industries so that one can understand his / her future contribution to the industries by their educational knowledge from their institutions / colleges.

Our approach

Our approach aims to deliver high quality technical experience to the students in every nook and corner in the country. To attain this, we partner with leading Universities, Skill Professionals and Technical Experts in the country and abroad and provide services that make an enjoyable experience for the technical students who will serve industries tomorrow. We provide the perfect approach and skills to the students how to perform in a Industry.

We a group of experienced engineers whom serves the industries for minimum 10 to 50 years feel that in today’s world the technical degree and the technique to perform in a industry is different. What we taught in the technical education institutes, colleges and universities are the theoretical part of a technical industry and that is different from today’s industry. We provide the right path through our courses, workshops and seminars to the future engineers that how to perform in the industry.

Instrumentation & Control Electrical Mechanical IT & Computer Science Electronice & Tele-Cmmmunication